1. pbasch's Avatar
    Last week, everything on my (originally AT&T) unlocked 8820, which I use on T-Mobile. I would go to YouTube, click on the Watch Video link, and the Media Player would open up. Now? The Watch Video link does exactly nothing.

    I did discover that if I copied the link into MemoPad, it looks like an http link, with a reference to an RTSP link. If I cut out and copy the RTSP link, paste it into the browser, media player pops open and I CAN watch the video.

    [of course, I'm trying it again now, and I can't figure out what I did to copy the link address...]

    Any idea what's going on here and how to fix it? I've tried removing battery. I have NOT yet tried reinstalling the OS... kind of don't want to if I don't have to.

    07-22-10 09:54 PM