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    I just got an 8830 for work and I have BES set up for my work e-mail. I also set up BIS for my personal gmail account. Is there any way to keep my gmail from appearing in the messages folder along with my work emails? The gmail has it's own icon, but the emails show up there AND in the regular message folder along with my BES work email.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks all!
    11-19-09 05:21 PM
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    By design, ALL messages go to the Messages Folder, as well as to their respective BIS inboxes. You can't turn this off. There is not a separate inbox for BES mail. BES only goes to the Messages Folder, where all the other mail also goes. So if you are on BES, there is no way to separate the Enterprise mail and the BIS mail. Some people choose to separate the SMS and email inboxes and hide the Messages folder. The other option (that I prefer) is to let the Message Folder be a one-stop-shop for all message traffic. I don't separate SMS and emails, and I hide the email inboxes. It's user preference, either way.

    Here is a 3rd party app that will give you a BES mail box. I haven't used it. Empower your BlackBerry with HTML Email Viewer and BES MailBox

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    11-19-09 11:01 PM