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    Dear all,

    Forgive me if this has been asked but i have to be sure.

    I am a small time used Blackberry Phone reseller. I just got my hands on a bunch of reconditioned unlocked Blackberry 8830s. I sold one to a gentleman in Germany and he reported that he cannot get email, web browser to work at all. This is what his provider told him and i quote:

    I have never been able to use the
    internet/email/messenger/maps features, I have contacted both my network
    and the official blackberry site which informed me "it was determined that
    the device was originally sold by Verizon Wireless for use on the Verizon
    network. The ability to use the device on other networks may not be
    possible. The ability to unlock the BlackBerry smartphone to allow access
    to other networks rests entirely with the original provide

    i'm kinda dumbfounded here as i have fully tested the phone's GSM capability before shipping. Does anyone here know what is happening?

    Many Thanks in advance!

    02-10-10 11:32 AM
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    It should work. That's the point of a world phone. Does your customer have a sim card and account with a GSM carrier?

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    02-10-10 11:01 PM
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    I use a reconditioned BB 8830 WE of Sprint (GSM part is unlocked) with
    a GSM operator in Asia.
    Your customer would be able to use BB push email and the browser if
    and only if the GSM network loads Service Books when connecting to the
    network. Ideally, operators don't load Service Books (SB) to other
    operators phones. With out the SB for browser and email he won't be
    able to use intenet/ browser or email.
    But there's a work around. Tell your customer to enable LEGACY SERVICE
    BOOK RESTORE mode (Hold Alt & aA together, then press SBEB). Then,
    once the legacy SB restore mode is enabled, he has to port the SB to
    the BB via the desktop manager. He can download the SB from a
    vietnamese site by Anworm. After restoration of SB to the BB 8830 WE,
    the browser will be active. Then he can head to google and download
    the gmail java app for BB. In this way he'll get his browser enabled
    and pull (rather than Push) his gmail emails (not instanteneously,
    there's a delay of about 10 mins).

    If you need more help _
    sadi85 @ gmail . com
    02-11-10 09:43 AM