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    I am new to BB use and could do with some help please. I have a 8820 on Orange in the UK. Initially BB Maps was not on the device and I had to download it from the BB website. Is there a way to have the Map Data stored on the device itself rather than have it streamed by the Network provider? Is it a normal function of BB Maps to have the data streamed rather than stored on the device, or have Orange removed the facility to do this?

    Additionally I have a home Wi-Fi network setup and have tried to use this to download the software, but to no avail. The Wi-Fi symbol shows as yellow in the 'Manage Connections' facility, and the Wi-Fi logo shows as light blue on the desktop rather than black. Is there something I am missing? My network configuration uses a PSK and WPA security configuration. I have set up a profile in my device, but there is still limited functionality. Is this Orange playing silly beggars again?

    12-19-07 04:17 PM
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    I'm also on orange in the UK and as far as I know there is no option to store the BB Maps data on the Blackberry.

    Regarding your wi-fi question, I've had mixed success using it on the 8820 with my BT Home Hub router. I have managed to connect and use the wireless network at home, but if I leave the phone for a while the 'wi-fi' symbol often greys out and the symbol turns yellow in connections, and the phone goes back to GPRS. I would suggest checking the following:
    - On the Blackberry select 'Manage Connections', then 'Wi-fi' options, then press the menu button and select 'wi-fi Diagnostics'. This sometimes gives an error message that may point you in the right direction.
    - Check that the correct security settings and code are entered (sounds obvious but it has caught me out)
    - Try changing the 'Automatically obtain IP address and DNS' settings in the wi-fi profile to a static address (or vice-versa), and make sure these match the settings on your router.
    - Check that your router is not blocking any new devices.

    It certainly wasn't an easy process connecting to the secured home network, but I've had no such issues when using open public hotspots which would suggest my problems were related to the way my home network is set up.
    12-22-07 03:44 PM
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    Thanks for the pointers! My router does seem to have developed a problem in dropping the Wi-Fi connection to my notebook since I changed over to Vista so maybe the problem is there.

    I have managed to use BB Maps with GPS navigation rather than Webraska (recommended by Orange) but have not found a way to enable voice navigation. Have you found this too?

    12-25-07 09:02 AM
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    I think I may have got the Wi-Fi working to some extent. I flashed the firmware on my Draytek Vigor 2800VG router and I think I am able to browse the internet via my BB through the ADSL connection. I say 'think' because I have not found the facility to clearly discern what carrier the BB is using for data etc. I switched off the mobile network in 'Manage Connections' and was able to use the browser with the activity LED flashing on my router. If this is the case do you know if Orange supports UMA? I ask this because it is shown as available in Wi-Fi diagnostics but unconnected, yet the Wi-Fi icon is still yellow in @manage Connections'?
    12-25-07 02:32 PM
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    If you are using the standard Blackberry Browser, I believe the symbol in the top right of the browser screen will show which connection is being used. When using my home wireless connection the 'Wi-fi' symbol is showing. When I'm using the mobile network the words 'GPRS' or 'EDGE' are showing along with the signal bar strength.

    As far as I know you cannot use UMA on orange. In my wifi diagnostics there is information for orange singlephone, but It does not connect - Is this something to do with their livebox service?
    12-30-07 05:18 AM
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    Yes I have noticed that thanks. Orange do have a service called 'Unique' which is reputedly for Wi-Fi calls. They used to have the 8820 linked to this service but I have just noticed they have changed the compatable devices. I think this is for use with an Orange Livebox only. It seams that the UK telecoms providers are insistant on restricting the useful features on many handsets for their own finacial gain!
    01-04-08 12:38 PM
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    Hi all.
    Iam a new to BB use. I have a 8820 mobile, hungary (vodafone). I donwloaded blackberry maps, but i cant use it. Its running fine, but i cant find maps data. Show only green background and lines.
    Please help me! (sorry my english)
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    01-25-08 05:33 AM
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    This is all part of RIM's plan to misrepresent their applications as being free to anyone with a BlackBerry when in fact they are only providing it to those who pay them for a data plan.

    Did you know that when you get a data plan, part of the money goes to RIM? I did not know this until recently. That is why you cannot use App World via Wi-Fi. RIM is only providing this to their paying customers.

    RIM has to go out of their way to program their applications not to work via Wi-Fi. Any software can run on Wi-Fi, but RIM software checks your phone to see if you have a data plan. If not, they make sure that their programs do not work. They are hoping to get more people to get data plans.
    06-01-11 01:09 PM