1. indepth6's Avatar
    Hello. I am from Poland and I wanna know if it will be worth to buy a Blackberry 8820 to use as my secondary phone. So, what language packs are available for this phone?
    10-30-20 04:15 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If you can't do a search and find out pretty quickly... that should be all the info you need to know if it's worth buying a 13 year old phone. I tried and couldn't find a list - seems like it was regional and varied by markets. Maybe search in your own language might yield results.

    You'd need an older PC that could run Blackberry's Desktop Software and copy a of the OS install files for your model. Also need a carrier that supports BIS still. If you can't get BIS.... well there isn't much reason to get it as even WiFI only usage would be very limited.

    Plus you'd only have a little over a year before the phone is a brick... The email client and browser are outdated, list of accessible working apps is very short.
    10-30-20 03:38 PM

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