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    Growing weary of all the pointless, rambling SMS Text messages I was getting from friends, I went into my settings - security - Firewall and blocked all SMS messages. While it had the desired effect of stopping the messages, it also blocked all of my new voice mail notifications as well. I realized this about a week after changing the setting, when someone asked if I had received their voice mail, which I hadn't, so I called in and had about 13 from the last 5 days. After opening the firewall again, notifications came through......unfortunately, so did more text messages.

    The solution now, is that I have had VZW block text messages on my account and I went in and unblocked the SMS in the firewall, and now the notifications come in again.

    Just thought I would put this out there for people to see, comment on, explain(?).
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    11-15-07 03:55 PM
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    Easy resolution, tell your friends to stop texting you! :-)
    07-14-08 12:09 PM