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    I'm currently a student in college and will be studying abroad to England. I use an 8830 World Edition, and was wondering if I can use my phone over there on a vodafone contract (I'm assuming vodafone would work because that's the name on the SIM card...) or am I stuck with verizon? I don't really want to use the phone over there and stay on Verizon's plan because the gentleman at the Verizon store here said it gets really pricey to use the phone internationally.

    Thanks, and apologies if this has been posted before, I did a few searches and couldn't find anything!

    03-30-09 01:37 AM
  2. eddiek's Avatar
    Your best bet is going to be to unlock your phone. That way, you can use any sim card, and there may be others where you are in Europe that have better pricing than Vodaphone. You can find out how to unlock your phone by looking at one of the stickies at the top of this forum.
    03-30-09 12:29 PM
  3. rodgersk24's Avatar
    One last question: if I do unlock my phone am I still able to use it on Verizon's network when I return? Or if I unlock it now am I able to use it on Verizon's network?

    03-30-09 05:13 PM
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    There is a sticky thread on UNLOCKING THE SIM SLOT at the top of this subforum.

    In summary, the unlocking in this case only allows "foreign" sim cards to be used when in Europe (etc). You need a sim card in the device to do the unlocking but it can be any sim card.

    The device will work just as normal in the US with or without the sim card.

    My 8830 came with one when I purchased it. I then called to unlock for possible foreign sims at a later date and the sim card is still inside the Verizon 8830.
    03-30-09 10:06 PM