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    Had Curve 8330 for 1 year and it suddenly started sending all calls into voicemail. Took it to Verizon store, where it worked fine. Brought it back home and it sent calls direetly into voicemail on the entire way home. Returned it and they suggested that I buy a new phone. Bought new Curve 8330, took it home and same thing happened. Been on phone with Verizon Tech Support for hours. They said that since I bought new phone, they would send me Extender at no charge. That works at home, but not outside home. Husband cell phone (LG not PDA) works fine. Shows I have 4 bars and 1EXV. Is not on Do Not Disturb or silent. Blackberry Tech wiped out phone and reinstalled. Did *228. Latest Verizon Tech said I had to revert to old PLR and to take it into store to have them do it. Verizon Store said you cannot revert to old prl for Blackberry. This has been going on for 5 days. (Will work in other areas). I believe my ESN may be picking up another cell site???
    02-03-10 08:21 PM