1. rmontgo123's Avatar
    My address book on my 8830 syncs well with my Outlook 2003. On the 8830 display, all the phone numbers are properly in their fields. However, when I scroll to some of them, with variability, sometimes the phone call inserts random numbers before the intended phone number when making the call, resulting in a call that cannot be made without having to reenter the number manually to make the call. Through Verizon phone support, I have done a total wipe, a fresh download of the updates for Firmware for the device and the Blackberry Desktop Manager and it's still happening. HELP.
    07-02-08 10:20 AM
  2. jdwx's Avatar
    Considering what you have done so far, I'd start to suspect an issue with the phone itself.
    07-02-08 10:29 AM