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    I just used up 90 minutes of my life on the phone with Verizon customer non-support that I will never get back. I am attempting to get them to understand the situation I (and many other forum users) am in regarding the 30 day test drive and the resolution of the 8830 sync issue. My 30 day test drive deadline is 9 days away.

    My question to them was can you get a bit more information from RIM about the potential fix for this issue? Is it hardware such that phone will have to be replaced, or is it the Blackberry device software? They informed me they had received a bulletin about the problem last Saturday.

    The CNS representative admitted that it was a predicament for many of their customers who are not using the Enterprise Server option. He spoke to a supervisor who also understood, but says Verizon will not make any allowance for this technical problem and the 30 day satisfaction test drive at this time. Hopefully, this suggestion will be sent up the food chain for more review.

    I asked Verizon to make a serious call to RIM and get a bottom line assessment of the resolution of this situation. It is not like we have a known good version of the Blackberry OS (at least not for me) to fall back on. If this was a phone that had been out for a while and the new OS caused this issue it would be different. This is a new phone many of us ordered because it has the features we want and are willing to pay for.

    I urge all Verizon 8830 owners to call them and ask for the 30 days test drive to be extended until such time as some kind of resolution of the Sync issue is found, announced and implemented.

    I have another account related issue that is also irritating me at the moment, but it alone will not be enough for me to decided that I am sending the 8830 back.

    If this is the largest order Verizon has ever placed for a Blackberry device and the largest order RIM has ever received for one you would think Verizon would want to keep their customers and not have to eat a bunch of costs taking many 8830's back days before a fix was announced.
    06-04-07 11:44 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I have to say, with all the issues you've had with Verizon, am surprised you've not moved onto another carrier. Then again, that might not be an option for you, I guess...
    06-05-07 07:22 AM
  3. dlathem's Avatar
    I may begin to check out T-mobil coverage. I need good coverage in a particular area of my state and so far Verizon is beating the pants off of Cingular (my old carrier). I also want the EVDO option for using the device as a modem so I am almost stuck with the 8830 and I hope they get it fixed. Once I am over this hopefully, I will not have to contact Verizon again in the future.
    06-05-07 09:29 AM
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    My understanding is that you have to pay Verizon another huge fee to tether the modem which makes it absolutely ridiculous and you might as well get an air card... perhaps with Sprint, lol. EVDO is somewhat good but I find that it has many hiccups and wonder whether it's really superior. Supposedly it is a CDMA over GSM benefit but then again, Sprint then would be an obvious choice. I'm suffering from a similar problem but my experience was that Sprint's coverage was pretty good and I'm told that Cingular/ATT is actually much better now (except for the stupid branding.)
    06-06-07 02:07 PM
  5. dlathem's Avatar
    I have checked the Sprint EVDO data coverage in my are and it does not fit my needs. The tether fee is $15, which is cheaper than the monthly on an air card.

    However, in typical corporate fashion, your unlimited data plans are limited to 5GB a month.
    06-06-07 03:04 PM