1. blackberryuserMPM's Avatar
    Question 1:
    I am travelling to the UK and India and just bought a Sprint Blackberry 8830. I have been looking for a prepaid "Blackberry Enabled SIM" but most things I have been able to find are GPRS Enabled SIM Cards without Blackberry provisioning. Any ideas on how to get a blackberry enabled SIM for temporary use (1 week each trip) in the UK and then another one for India?

    Question 2:
    Has anyone had success using a local SIM to get blackberry data when abroad on the 8830? If so, what settings need to be changed when you put the local SIM card into your Blackberry 8830? Do any settings need to be changed or is it smooth sailing when you plug in a Blackberry Enabled SIM?

    05-20-08 03:10 AM
  2. UA3QVQ's Avatar
    I'm already abroad. I input local SIM-card and have no any servises.
    I just can to call and to send SMS.
    Browser no...
    05-20-08 04:37 AM