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    Hello everyone!
    I am currently new to the blackberry 8830. I previously had a curve 8330 and LOVED it!

    I just recently purchased an 8830 offline as I will be studying abroad next semester and feel that it would be useful. Of course it is a used phone, but it is in great shape and I really like the style of it.
    When I received it, I immediately started making it my own, by changing the theme, font, adding contacts, etc. I wanted to download twitter and went to blackberry app world only to discover that I needed a software update. Not a problem, after all I have done this before.
    Upon opening up desktop software, I realized that I did not have enough free space. After deleting everything I could think of and everything I searched the internet and learned how to delete, I still did not have enough space. I decided that I should just clear the whole thing. I intentionally locked myself out and had my phone do a complete wipe. I thought that this would clear everything and that I would be good to go. I was wrong.
    I am lacking about 6 mb from being able to update. And have tried everything I could think of.

    The current software I am running is 4.2.2 bundle 66

    It is trying to update to

    Is it possible to only update in parts? IE: Not add french or spanish?

    Can I update, but with a slightly older version?

    Is it possible to download an older version of app world?

    I am going to have to switch back to my old curve if I do not figure out something soon!

    Are there any options for me or should I just switch to a different bb?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    10-26-11 05:02 PM