1. pooyanc64's Avatar
    Hi All, New to the site, and to blackberries...Just receieved my 8800 from Tigerdirect. I was assuming it was going to be an unbranded phone, but when I recieved it, it's a Cingular branded but unlocked phone. So.....after noodling with it with the help of this website, I am wondering if there is anyway to change or delete the Cingular "Raising the Bar" Splash screen when the BB boots up? I downloaded and installed the latest handheld OS from my provider (Rogers) but I still get the Cingular splash screen.....Thanks!
    06-09-07 11:13 PM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    The splash screen is hard coded into the device and is there to stay. Sorry. Nothing can be done to get rid of it.
    06-10-07 12:27 AM