1. BoneDigger#CB's Avatar
    I purchased a new in the box Blackberry 8830 and was told at the time that it was unlocked for use on ANY network. Now I'm finding out that maybe that isn't the case. I want to use this phone on the AT&T network. Is that possible, or does the CDMA and GSM functionality of this phone limit it's use to CDSM networks?

    The phone has a SIM card slot and seems to acknowledge it, but it will not log into a ATT network or acknowledge my ATT account. The phone is new and seems to function as it should, but I can't get it to acknowledge GSM???

    Is there a way to get it onto ATT or do I need to sell it and buy something else?

    06-02-10 08:19 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    It will not be possible to use the 8830 on AT&T or any other North American GSM carrier. The bands are those for overseas GSM carriers.

    You will need to sell the device and purchase another one that is GSM only or dual CDMA/GSM (9630, Storm1, Storm2, or 9650 all would work). However, you will only get EDGE, not 3G on AT&T/T-Mobile if you buy a 9630, Storm1, Storm2, or 9650 and unlock it.

    You also will not get 3G on AT&T if you buy a T-Mobile branded 9700. They use a different 3G band.
    06-02-10 08:30 PM
  3. BoneDigger#CB's Avatar
    Okay, thanks for the input. It looks like this one is Craigslist bound...

    Anyone know of another place to sell a like new Blackberry other than EBay?

    06-02-10 08:40 PM