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    OK so this story in a nutshell: did an office clean up and found an 8800 in an old desk, so I swooped on it and took it under my wing. Entered the password in wrong 10 times to wipe it, put it through the desktop software and started wiping it to start over...an OS update became available so started that...everything is going great until I get this message at the 'Reconnecting to JVM':

    "Application Loader was unable to connect to your device. Please re-connect your device, enter the password, if required, and click Retry."

    Re-connecting the device does nothing, tried it several different times, tried it with a different OS but still get this message...

    Any 8800 owners want to help me out so I can bring this thing back to life?

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    11-21-12 05:42 AM
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    1) Tried to connect it again and get a white screen and a 507 error message...
    2) Wow, just started working, must have been a flat battery for the first few attempts - sweet!
    3) got the bad-boy working, my little project came to life
    4) I LOVE this BB, love the keyboard especially. No Wi-fi on it tho
    5) Says it's running v4.5.0.69 (platform
    11-21-12 08:01 AM
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    You got your SIM in it and everything?
    11-21-12 08:21 AM
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    No not yet, still test driving the basics and the hardware at the moment.

    Updating the OS as we speak...

    Now running

    Awesome, got my sim card in and it works, has T-Mobile markings etc but must be unlocked
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    11-21-12 08:47 AM

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