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    Hi everyone, a bit of a nation specific problem here: when I save Italian landline phone numbers to my address book - in international format i.e. +/39/local dialling code - I do that the way they are supposed to be dialled which means keeping the zero in front of the area dialling code - which you would normally knock off for just about any other country I have been to. When I then try to dial one such number directly from the address book the device will skip the zero by default - which in most cases wouldn't be required - and that causes the call to fail. So far I had to dial each number using the keypad in order to convince my 8820 to include the zero which is clearly less than ideal a solution. Is there any fellow countryman of mine who can come up with some suggestion so that I can avoid having to punch in 13 digit numbers to call fixed phones in Italy?

    And while I'm at it I have lately been doing quite a few restores from back-ups due to my switching backwards and forwards between OS 4.2 and various flavours of OS 4.5's and every time my contacts get restored without the + at the beginning of the rosary of international and local codes: needless to say that is causing me trouble too.

    Any clued up merciful soul that reads this is most welcome to chip in with any kind of useful info...


    08-29-08 09:35 AM
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    OK everyone, after some more searching - obviously din't look hard enough to begin with... - I found the solution and here it is:

    "I changed the smart dialing country code to unknown and it works fine with italian and american numbers, try that option

    ciao! :-)" many thanks to ciaodom, credit to who deserves it.

    The one and only drawback is that with this setting YOU DO NEED THE + SIGN IN FRONT OF THE COUNTRY CODE or else the call will still fail with the message "number unobtainable"

    Hope this will be some use for someone... Cheers,

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