1. z4netti's Avatar
    Just yesterday the cursor suddenly doesn't want to go right, yet the trackball is OK and also feels OK and doesn't seem like it's dirty or anything, it's roll feels like it's supposed to. So just in case, I try to open and clean it & put it back on, but it still doesn't want to go right. I even turned the trackball around, to check if it then doesn't want to go left, but it still won't go right. It can still go up, down, and left easily.

    So anyone know what's wrong here? Now I'm thinking that this could be a software problem because I treat my trackball really well, using alternative keys whenever possible, and it's still really as white as it originally was, compared to other used trackball blackberries, I mean.

    I texted the shop and they said to just replace the trackball. But I'm getting the feeling that the problem isn't mechanical, but it's electronical. Am I right/wrong? Plz, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    10-05-10 12:59 AM
  2. drcustom's Avatar
    Being that you switched the trackball around it definitely leads to there being a problem past the trackball.

    Just by the way 'things' work I would guess it could be a software problem, or, it could be an issue with the sensor on the board...I haven't heard many stories about these breaking, but it's definitely a possibility. Have you tried removing the battery for a clean restart? Also, a tiny piece of conductive material could cause that problem.

    I would suggest taking the ball out, cleaning the crap out of it and the little black magnets with rubbing alcohol, and also blowing out the area with compressed air...but be careful and watch out that you don't loose the little tiny domed piece of metal that is used for the trackball selector (I did...it's no fun!).
    10-27-10 04:23 PM