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    Then Upgrade your 88xx's OS!
    *yeah, it's an OS upgrade post*

    First, get
    *Thanks, violatizzle

    *Thanks, skunkd

    Then follow all the directions to mash them together.

    Use Shrink-A-OS to get it to a reasonable size.

    Use the loader.exe to make it all get where it needs to
    *THanks, Crucial_Xtreme

    Bing-o, Bang-o: You a got a great new OS with a faster browser. *I said "Faster", not "new".*

    It's worth the time and effort Plus, if you've never run a leaked OS or a hybrid OS before, well, everything you need to know is in the Crackberry forums along with all the people to help you do it.

    Don't be afraid. Learn something and get a wwaaaayyyyyy better OS out of it. You'll also appear cooler and and more attractive to the sex you would like to appear cooler and more attractive to.

    Your BB 88xx will thank you
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