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    I did something to my 8800 have no idea what but I received the error code 507, freaked out for an hour or so, but thought of the crackberry forum, can here copied and pasted the instruction for reviving a nuked blackberry, took several tries but it is back up and running like a ferrari. Thanks so much for the information, without the help from this forum I think I probably would be in an inpatient psych unit. Thanks so much, did not have to spend a dime, took ten years off of my life though, but atleast the 8800 is working

    Crackberry guys/girls are the greatest, I visited other forums which I will not name, gave no instructions whatsoever, could not even find error code 507 when I search the forum for those other sites which shall remain nameless. I am a crackberry fan for life
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    06-13-08 05:42 AM
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    thats what we are here for. That is always the first think that pops into my mind. What really sucks is when you are mobile with no laptop or computer access and you have issues.
    06-13-08 05:46 AM
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    Im glad your berry is working. The brick phone happens to everyone. Its just a way for you to get to know your berry! You establish a real connection. LOL
    06-13-08 05:48 AM