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    Ok I am able to tether using my usb cable, I can surf the net, citrix into my work PC etc...

    I can also BT pair my 8830 w/ my laptop - but I cannot get the BB desktop application to recognize my 8830 via BT, only via USB. I assume this is why I cannot tether an internet connection via BT. When I am connected via USB I need to run my desktop application software so that I can type in my BB password in order tether.

    So I am real close, I just need to figure out how get the application to recognize my 8830 over BT (I have changed the connection option in the application to BT, and I tried to let it discover the 8830 but it does not). This is after my laptop has already paired with it.


    P.S. My carrier is Sprint, but I don't think that matters.
    P.S.S. I am running Vista-64-bit and the version of my desktop software is 4.5
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