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    First, here is a rundown of Sprint's international plan features, taken from Sprint's website:

    My BB is an 8830WE. I just got off the phone with a Sprint international department rep and everything on that list is accurate, except for the piece about the GPS. GPS is available in US territories only. The rep stated that it won't work in Europe. The GPS info on the features list is a bit misleading, but whatever. Moving on...

    1) Voice will obviously work in Europe.
    2) Data will work, according to Sprint. Meaning I'll still get push email and access to the web. True or False?
    3) Texting is not available outside of the US. True or False?

    This leads to my next question: do any European mobile companies offer pre-paid SIM card plans that include voice, international texting, blackberry push mail, internet, and GPS? I've already prepared myself for what is sure to be a disappointing "no" response on this one. But I'd like a few people to confirm my assumption or offer up an alternative solution, if it exists. (In case it matters, Italy is the European country in question.)

    07-31-09 10:56 AM
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    Hi, owned a Spint WE for over 2 years. I can confirmed that GPS works with google map with unlimited data add-on in Germany, England, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It shows the location fairy accurate.
    I had not received any SMS though. Guess it didn't work. Email, BB messenger and internet works like a charm. However sometimes you have to fut with the different carrier system to get the best reception. Need to mess with the manual selection mode.
    Did tried to get a prepaid sim in Germany at Tmobile but the data rate was quite expensive. However it did work on the WE because the phone was unlocked from the get go.

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    07-31-09 03:31 PM