1. rolnlow's Avatar
    My boss uses his desktop to clean up his calander, delete previous items or move to new day. When he goes to sync it works fine, no errors nothing, but on the blackberry is doesnt clean out the calander, still shows mtgs from the previous days. this just started doing this last week, never a proeblem before.
    any help would be great. (its a BB 8830)
    05-05-09 02:12 PM
  2. iPhone0001's Avatar
    You have probably tried this, but go into the configuration on DM and set the Calendar to override the device after he cleans up the desktop calendar then do a one way sync. That should delete all the older meetings and such on the BB. Then change the sync back to two way and re-sync just to make sure the info is current on both the device and desktop.
    05-06-09 04:22 PM