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    So I've got an 8830 to play with when I go away to Australia on Saturday, but I can't get the Switch Wizard going in BB Desktop. I get up to the point where it asks me to select the software I want to use to import the PIM information. But both options are grayed out, the Palm/Treo, Palm Desktop Software as well as the Win Mobile option. This leaves the "next" key grayed out as well. Anyone see this problem? I've searched here and google trying to come up with a solution. I'm going to call support next. I'm not too keen on using Outlook yet, and with two days to go, I just want the 8830 up and running to see if I like it or not while I'm away.
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    09-12-07 10:29 PM
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    are you using the blackberry desktop manager to switch the information from the palm to the 8830? i did it with my old plam m500 to my bb 7100i via outlook.
    09-12-07 11:46 PM
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    I want to avoid syncing palm to outlook to bb. The switch wizard in the BB desktop manager is supposed to be able to go from Palm to BB directly. Then it can go to outlook. I don't plan on using outlook for anything. I don't even use my palm desktop. I backup to an SD card (something I'm not happy I can't do on a BB...that's just dumb).

    I don't have time to setup outlook, do all the field mapping and all that. I just want the 8830 functional so I can play with it down under and see if I want to drop my Treo for it when I get back. The Switch Wizard in BB DM was supposedto be the easy way to transfer the data over. I'll resort to the 800 number and see if someone knows.

    The option from Palm to BB was grayed out before I installed Palm Desktop and became an option after the install. So I get partway there. But when it comes time to choose the PIM I want to switch from, all options are grayed out as I mentioned above.
    09-13-07 06:55 AM
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    I had the same problem. The root cause in my case was a Palm Desktop that was too NEW for the Switch Device Wizard. The most recent Palm Desktop is v4.2 and you'll need something prior to that to work.

    You can get it from the Palm website, but here's the trick: get version 4.1.4. Getting other versions requires you to enter your Palm serial number, and if it doesn't match the device, it won't allow the download. 4.1.4 for some reason doesn't ask for a serial number.

    From there, uninstall your current Palm Desktop (takes less than 2 minutes), install the v4.1.4 Palm desktop you just downloaded (fairly quick as well), then try the Switch Device Wizard again. It should work like a charm.

    I know what you're talking about. I actually spent 2+ hours searching for some way to quickly migrate my data (I hate complicated set-ups and I also dislike MS Outlook (and unfortunately didn't have access to it on my home computer). Hopefully this post saves you some time. Good luck!
    02-03-08 08:16 PM
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    THANK YOU! dbpaddler for Posting the question and Icheng for your answer. I upgraded my Treo 650 to a BB Pearl 8130 and when I went to use the Swith device Wizard same problem!!!! Now after installing the old palm desktop 4.1.4 I was able to get my data to my new Blackberry... Thank you again guys!
    02-06-08 09:50 AM
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    was surprised I was the first to pose it at least that I had seen. Now that I've got the Centro and Palm is making some good efforts to right the ship, I won't be entertaining a BB till late next year. Glad to see the thread has helped others. doing the palm to outlook to BB with all the field mapping is just a pain. I hate outlook, but it seems to be the one common db among the different phone OS'es.

    Hopefully we'll see a touchscreen/hard key BB in the future instead of the pure touchscreen others have mentioned and posted about, otherwise I definitely won't be entertaining a bb in the future.
    02-06-08 10:48 AM
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    hey thank you guys so much. just got a 8310 and this worked like a charm
    07-15-08 06:33 PM
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    I have used a Palm Treo 650 for several years and my favorite part is the Palm Desktop OS. I live by the calendar and contacts.

    My Treo has gotten old and been acting up and so I recently got a Blackberry 8820. The phone works fine...will take some time adjusting. However, as far as the Blackberry Desktop...well....I am still looking for it.

    I loaded the software on my computer.

    Windows Vista Sp 1
    Palm Desktop version 6.2.1

    After a lot of frustration trying to switch...which didn't work...I had to go back to a restore point.

    First, does Blackberry have someone comparable to the Palm Desktop Software that will display my contacts, calendar, etc on my computer...that...I can then sync with my blackberry? If so...after I installed it...there was something called Blackberry Desktop Manager...which I could see was where the switch wizard was...but....nothing like the Palm Desktop.

    Second, can I switch my calendar and contacts from my Palm Desktop to the Blackberry Desktop.

    11-17-08 03:35 PM
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    No, there isn't a BlackBerry equivalent of Palm's Desktop. I was/still am a Palm PDA user, and RIM has a very different approach on all that. here's a link to a third-party enhancement program to BB's PIMs:REXwireless Software: BlackBerry Wireless Internet Web Access to Tasks, Ideas, and Database. On that site there are links to their other apps that link all the PIMs in a very powerful way. I've never used it, but it looks like it's the closest thing to syncing/displaying the PIMs on a desktop equivelant. As far as transfering from the Treo to the BB, BB desktop has a Switch Device Wizard that will move your PIM data into your BB. when you open up the wizard, it will tell you what versions of Palm Desktop it will work with. Good luck!
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    I've done the Palm desktop uninstall of 6.2.1, install of 4.1.4 and hot sync of my TX.
    BB device switch now recognizes the Palm desktop as source, but it starts the process of exporting data, then after about 20-30 seconds or so, the Palm desktop stops responding. Help!
    12-29-08 01:51 PM
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    I am having the same problem as D_DJ. I have done the Palm Desktop installation of 4.1.4, the BB device switch wizard now recognizes the Palm desktop but after few seconds of exporting data the Palm desktop stops responding. Any updates on this?
    01-05-09 03:15 PM
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    I have 4.1.4 installed and was trying to do the transfer from Palm V to a Storm. The transfer process always hung up when doing the Calendar record sync at record 948/1063. I've deleted (did not archive) as many calendar entries that I could live without, but the record number did not change and it still hung up in the same location. I tried checking for corrupted entries (Options->Tools tab), it found none. What finally worked was Purging old events (Tools->Purge Events), then the sync only found 100 or so and was able to do the sync.
    03-19-09 01:34 PM
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    Palm.com : Support: Message)
    heres the link since palm redid their website
    04-11-09 01:18 PM
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    Thanks for you tip. I had the same problem and your tip worked for me!
    04-28-09 08:21 PM
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    thank you, 6.2 or whatever didnt work, 4.1.4 did it with no other issues.

    appreciate it!
    06-30-09 11:29 AM
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    I have 4.1.4 installed and was trying to do the transfer from Palm V to a Storm. The transfer process always hung up when doing the Calendar record sync at record 948/1063. I've deleted (did not archive) as many calendar entries that I could live without, but the record number did not change and it still hung up in the same location. I tried checking for corrupted entries (Options->Tools tab), it found none. What finally worked was Purging old events (Tools->Purge Events), then the sync only found 100 or so and was able to do the sync.
    OMG!!!!! This worked after being so frustrated for the last two months and having to carry two phones (my old treo 650)!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    FYI for anyone else: downloaded Palm Desktop v4.1.4 and purge all events older than 1 month for me since I didn't have many.
    07-01-09 07:59 PM
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    Hey Everyone - I Need Some Help And Or Suggestions. Running Windows Vista 32 Bit. I Had Installed Palm Desktop 6.2 And Bb Desktop Mgr 4.7 - Was Also Having The Problem With The Bb Wizard Getting To The Page Of Switching From Another Device To Bb, Clicking Start. The Next Page Is Greyed Out. So Upon Suggestion From The Previous Posts From Here. Removed The Palm Desktop 6.2, Down Loaded 4.1.4e For The Palm Treo 650 .... Tried Running The Bb Software Again AnD Yes That Portion Does Work But Now The Problem Is The Palm Desktop. Palm Desktop Vs 4.1.4 Is Not Compatable With Vista And I Cannot Get My Treo 650 To Connect To The Computer For Data Transfer.

    So - Palm Desktop 6.2 Works With Vista And The Treo 650, But Not With The Bb Wizard

    Palm Desktop 4.1.4 Does Not Work With Vista But DOES WORK With Bb Wizard.

    I Have Over 600 Contacts Oot Transfer And I Cannot See Doing This 1 By 1. I Tried Beaming The Contacts Over From The Palm - But Cannot Do That Either Because That Particular Catagory Is Locked Adn Protected.

    What Else Can I Possibly To To Get My Contacts Transferred From My Treo 650 To My Bb Storm ? Without Going Through Outlook ? Is There Another Program Out There That Will Work ?
    07-04-09 03:52 PM
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    I have followed this thread and am still having problems. The 4.1.4 change to Palm desktop worked. I purged my calendar events as instructed. When I try to synch, it hangs up in the Synching Calendar Events window. Record number 2/60. The program stops responding and I have to end that task. I reinstalled the BB desktop. Vista environment. What can I do next?
    Desperate to use my new BB
    09-02-09 08:09 PM
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    I had the same problem... using too new a version of Palm Desktop. I switched to the older version suggested above, and it worked just fine. The only thing I was surprised about is the fact that it only transferred future calendar items rather than all calendar items. It did not ask me what my preference was here, but going through the items one-by-one, it occurred to me that it had only transferred the future items. Due to the way I use my calendar with my business (I'm a musician), it is helpful for me to have the history. Any idea how to get the old items to come over?
    11-29-09 11:43 PM