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    I finally got up my courage (after permanently nuking a previous 8830 a few months ago) to upgrade from 4.2 to (downloaded the OS from Telus and deleted the vendor file). I went directly to the application loader. Everything seemed to go smoothly until the very last step and have been stuck there for about 30 minutes now (last step being Restore Device Data, then there are two progress bars, Database: Firewall Options, which is complete, and Restore Progress which is stuck 5 squares into the bar).

    How long do I wait? Where is the device data being restored from? Is that the problem? I can't believe this is happening again; my last bricked phone is still bricked--none of the help from Crackberry members could get it working again.

    I feel like Charlie Brown.
    08-14-09 07:16 PM
  2. Sue88's Avatar
    After I started messing around on my PC (even though these forums say don't do ANYTHING on your PC while you are upgrading) suddenly the upgrade finished. It did say it was unable to restore some data from my old OS and that data had been put into a backup file. Everything looks great except can't send or receive email; I guess radio is off and I imagine I can figure out how to turn it back on.

    08-14-09 08:13 PM