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    ...with a BB 8830 WE. I have a user who for some reason has TWO address books in his BB called "Desktop". I have no idea how he did it, but he has one address book with all of his 4200 contacts stored "locally" on the BB (no SD card) and the other "Desktop" addr book empty (which so happens to synch nicely with Outlook).

    I preformed a backup of his BB and I am trying to synch it so it will get rid of the second "Desktop" addr book and so that his Outlook contacts and BB contacts are one. I am trying to do a restore of it on a test BB I have to see if I can manually add it to Outlook but unfortuantly no matter what I do (delete Desktop (SYNC), turn off wireless synch, wipe handheld) this Address Book - All listed in the Desktop Manager stays greyed out and I cannot restore it.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advanced!!
    07-26-09 08:32 PM
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    Figured out the solution -- after much trial and error it looks like turning off the radio, deleteing the Desktop SYNC service book after wiping out a handheld and then restoring it manually from backup and then manually doing a one-way sync to Outlook helped. Tedious -- but doable.
    07-29-09 04:51 AM