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    First the Stats:
    I Have two BlackBerry 8830s,
    Phone A running v4.2.2.196 (,
    Phone B running v4.3 (v4.5.0.186 as of 8/26/12)
    Sprint Network
    I Am Running Windows 7 on my PC
    BB Desktop Manager, USB & Modem Drivers, and Appworld Browser plugin are all installed on my comp
    Devices connected via USB, shows as an UN-clickable removable disk

    Quick Background:
    Bought these phones off of Craigslist. Activated on Sprint network no problem, not blacklisted. Former IT department is not known. IT Policy Name is Password and CP, just for the heck of it.

    The Problem(s):
    No matter what method I use, I am unable to remove the IT policy from phone A.
    I cannot update phone A, beyond the pre-installed 4.2
    Wiping phone A did nothing.
    Also there is no "Wireless Update" option on Phone A as there was on phone B.
    My computer does not correctly recognize either phone. This has also had an effect on the BlackBerry Desktop Software, because it too does not recognize either phone, but Windows says it is connected. Confused yet?

    The Attempt(s):
    Here is how I THINK i was able to fix phone B...
    I somehow installed the BB app world onto the phone from appworld.blackberry.com, once I did that, for whatever reason the LOADER.exe /resettofactory method worked. (This is pure speculation, as I am not tech savvy enough to know for sure.) Regardless, this method had no effect on phone A. In addition, the appworld website gives me an error message with phone A saying that the OS is not supported.

    I was going to try using JL_CMDER method on phone a, but I believe the device must be v4.5 or higher?
    Also tried to mod the string HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager , but does not exist on my comp. (I have HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry, but policy manager is non-existent)
    Tried updating phone a software via bb desktop, appworld, etc.
    If someone can help me with these methods, i'd be more than grateful to give any of these another go.

    I promise I scoured the internet, and devoted numerous hours to this problem before posting a new thread. I apologize for the length of this first post, just making sure I was explicit in every effort i've made thus far.
    Any ideas or support are greatly appreciated, as you can see i'm a n00b. My first BB phones too.
    08-27-12 02:28 PM
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    Don't know why JL wouldn't work for 4.2, so long as the phone shows connected. You will need to install the other Choice.exe per the instructions:

    08-27-12 03:29 PM