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    Hi guys,

    In the summer last year, during a fit of procrastination when I should have been editing real music for clients, I found a bunch of Star Trek: TNG sound effects online one day. I edited them into little chunks I thought would be useful as BlackBerry sounds. In the mastering process, I also limited them within an inch of their lives so they'd stand up nice and loud on my phone's little speaker.

    I'm pleased to say that I've been using them for a year now with superb results and thought I'd release them to my fellow BB users so you can enjoy them too. Link is posted farther down.....
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    10-20-08 10:29 AM
  2. sam123gil's Avatar
    Ok I can wait. I love funny sounds for when I get a text.
    10-20-08 10:32 AM
  3. guaroa's Avatar
    thanks I love star trek
    03-07-09 08:14 AM
  4. saintj's Avatar
    @ work now so the zip won't do!! LOL i'll get them later.
    03-08-09 02:30 PM
  5. Grynne's Avatar
    It appears that this link is dead now. Would you be able to re upload it? Thanks!
    09-18-09 02:36 AM
  6. MisterLargo's Avatar
    09-18-09 02:55 AM
  7. flmoose1's Avatar
    Any one know where I can find a "Hail" whistle from TOS?
    05-20-10 11:34 AM
  8. MisterLargo's Avatar
    Use the same URL I posted above, except replace "sttng_fx.zip" at the end with the filename "bosun56.mp3" to retrieve the boatswain's whistle from TOS.
    05-20-10 01:34 PM
  9. mysticalh2o's Avatar
    Thank you for posting! These are awesome!
    11-13-10 11:34 AM