1. tksnobords's Avatar
    Ok guys...I am new to this site...but fairly knowledgable about my BB. I have a 8830WE and I'm running OS I don't have access to a computer as mine recently broke, so I can't upgrade to any of the 4.5 OS's....yet.

    Anyway, I am trying to get Sprint TV to work on my 8830. I downloaded the app no problem (8330 Version).
    But whenever I try to watch a channel, I get this error:
    "The defined securiy policies restrict media access. To enable media, please contact your Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) administrator."

    My phone is not a work phone, its just my personal phone. I don't have a BES administrator, that I know of....How do I change/delete BES so I don't have this error.
    12-22-08 11:38 AM