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    Hello to all

    I have looked through the various forums and followed a couple of walkthrough to try and resolve my comatosed BB 8800

    I was trying to merely update the software via the BB desktop when the update fell over. My phone now sits in a limbo where it boots up, ignores passwords etc, gets to a message Uncaught exception java.lang Nullpointer Exception with an 'Ok' below it. It sits there for a for a while and then goes to: - App error 200, Reset, which when you press the pearl the phone starts the cycle again.

    I have tried breaking into this cycle through trying to use the application loader icon trick, getting the USB in at just the right time etc, but with no success. The PC seems to recognise that the BB has a security password as it asks for that both using the BB desktop or the Application loader but then does not recognise my password or ‘blackberry’ I have tried many times to get the BB to allow itself to be talked to by the PC as above, but no success.

    I cannot see how I can get into this unless is there a piece of software that overrides this cycle, or is there a bios battery in the unit that once removed might completely wipe the memory and allow me to reinstall the operating system?

    Appreciate any thoughts or help

    Best wishes

    02-14-10 10:27 AM