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    So I just updated to 4.5 using the most current (4.6) Desktop Software/Manager. The problem is that if my 8820 goes into a soft reset it never comes back on and does the 1 blink, 3 blinks red LED pattern.

    What is weird is that a hard-reset brings it back to life and it works fine afterwards.

    Outside of being connected to Desktop Manager if I do a soft-reset I get the same issue where it won't come back on and does the 1.3 red LED patter blink. Pull the battery and wahlah.

    I guess this is OK cause "technically" it is functional but it just doesn't seem right.

    Anyone have any insight to this?

    10-08-08 12:10 AM
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    Ok found this searching I'm having almost exact same problem now with my bold. Except when I do
    A soft reset the only way to get the phone working is to reload the os I have noticed that after I reload
    The os I can do a soft reset and it will work until I download any apps (the only ones I downloaded were face book and bbm)
    Then if I do a soft reset it will not power back up. Any suggestions?

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    11-03-09 06:38 PM