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    ..So, after god knows how many attempts, I believe I have Roboform on my 8830..why do I believe this? Because I see the icon there. That being said, I am experienced with using this product on my desktop but with my BB, I have no idea what to do next. I've poked around and here's what happens after clicking on the Roboform icon:


    If I click on SDCard/ it takes me to:

    " "/my_flix
    /my_mp3/ etc..etc..there about 6 other paths..the last one being /ringers/

    Anyway, I clicked on the first choice "Blackberry/" and it takes me to /music.

    And then after finally clicking through, I get to EMPTY..no options to input anything, transfer anything..nada

    My question is why do I have all these paths like mp3, flix, music, pic, sounds..etc..etc. and absolutely nothing that indicates my intended desire of STORING PASSWORDS..

    ..On the Blackberry page on Roboform's website I discover some kind of synchronizing software called "goodsync". I figure, hey maybe that's how I can get all my Passwords from my Desktop somehow into Roboform on my BB. But of course, that leads me nowhere..I'm required to pinpoint exact folders from both my computer and the BB...yeah, that's going to happen..no explanation..nothing. Unreal

    I also thought that perhaps there's a menu option somewhere on my BB that when inputting log in information for a website(I used Google Mail as guinea pig) will present itself and store that info. SOMEWHERE in my presently useless Roboform presence on my BB...And of course, I sign into Google Mail and nowhere is there an option to save anything to anywhere on my BB.

    Okay, I'm done..and yes, this has been cathartic..But seriously, has anyone ever saved any Log In data onto their 8830?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I am just as frustrated as you are. I downloaded Roboform for Blackberry and cannot figure out what to do next. I even tried Good Sync. All of my roboform data got transferred in the form of RFO files. These files showed the Roboform star and the names of the sites for which I have passwords, but none of the password info showed. Can anyone give me a step by step guide for dummies on how to set this up? Thanks in advance.

    Tilly4 AKA Liz
    08-05-09 09:31 PM
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    Once you open RoboForm, you will be asked to find the location of the RoboForm data files that you chose, most likely in "SDCard/My RoboForm Data/"
    You can select any of the different file types, Safenotes, Passcards, Identities to view their contents.

    When viewing a Login or Identity file, you can select an item, and press the Menu key on the device, and choose "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the selected text to the clipboard.

    Known Issues
    Due to slowness of the J2ME interpreter BlackBerry uses, AES encryption takes 5-10 seconds when decrypting a single file, please be patient when using this encryption method on your RoboForm data files. Or re-protect your passcards using 3DES encryption, it decrypts much faster on BlackBerry.
    09-09-09 07:55 AM
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    Sorry for ressurecting an old thread but did anyone ever figure this out?

    When I click on the Robofom app in my blackberry, this directory, "SDCard/My RoboForm Data" is not one of the two choices.
    02-29-12 10:34 PM