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    Hey guys,

    i've problems with my 8820.
    I was looking for some msgs, and i cannot find them now, all messages are gone before 19th of august.
    i checked the forum and found some thread about similar problems, in that threads everybody wrote that the memory shouldn't be lower than 12.000.000
    at my bb it' was 22.000.000 when i found out that msgs are missing, and since that i deleted some apps, so it's almost 30.000.000, and anyway i have memory card.
    the call logs disappeared as well, but that's not a big problem, sms msgs are more important.

    thanks a lot guys
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    Do you think your phone's memory might have dropped to lower than 12 MB at any point in time?

    This would typically happen if your phone is loaded with 3rd party apps, or if you have seriously huge amounts of data (messages, memos, etc).

    Also, having an external memory card does not have any impact on the storage of applications, messages, call logs, etc - they are stored on the phone's internal memory.

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    09-07-09 05:19 PM
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    thanks for answer.

    Well, it could be, there were a lot of msgs, apps, themes. But when i noticed that i don't have the msgs anymore, the memory was at 22 mb. That's what seems to be impossible for me that the memory level changed by 10 mb from 12mb to 22 mb by loosing my messages. but maybe..
    09-08-09 03:55 AM
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    you can try deleting any apps, themes or messages that you find you do not absolutely need to keep on your phone. The 8820 is a great phone and it shouldn't slow down in terms of performance. May I ask what Operating System (OS) you are running? The newest 8820 software can be found in the forums. Also you may try the usual battery pull while the device is on and you may also try registering the HRT (Host Routing Table). To do so you go to Options>Advanced Options>Host Routing Table>cick the BB key and choose "Register Now"

    See if that works and keep us posted.
    09-15-09 07:13 PM