1. kylemcdonald87's Avatar
    I have cellular south which does NOT use SIM cards in their phones. I got my friends T-Mobile SIM card and put it in my 8830 and it came on fine and picked up the SIM card. I didnt get a invalid SIM card error. I was wanting to know how can I switch to the number that is on the SIM card. I called another cell phone w/ my friends T-Mobile SIM card in my 8830 and it still showed up my cell phone number..

    07-03-08 04:47 PM
  2. probigeorge11's Avatar
    If the new phone doesnt need a sim card it must be CDMA, however i dont know why it would have a sim card slot. Using that sim card in a non-GSM phone would be impossible
    07-03-08 04:53 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    The 8830, at least, from Verizon and some others, is a cdma phone but with a slot for a sim card to allow the 8830 WE (WE meaning World Edition) to work on the gsm networks OUTSIDE of the US (and canada) - like in Europe. But with the sim card it works on a different radio frequency gsm that is used in Europe and some of Asia but NOT with gsm frequencies in the US.
    07-03-08 09:49 PM