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    I was given a 8830 WE to replace another phone that died. I took it to Cellular South, provider here in Mississippi, and they turned it on for me. The phone works fine, but doesn't keep signal. I also have another Blackberry, an 8803, with the same carrier and it works fine. Any suggestions? Also, just so you know, I am not cell phone savy, so please use laymans terms.
    08-25-10 09:02 PM
  2. raameen's Avatar
    Did you buy the phone brand new? The reasone I am asking is because if you didn't & they give you a refurbished one then you should take it bacck to them,it soundz like a weak signal problem, something might be wrong with the internal signal of your BB.I also hope your career have coverage in the places where you are using Your BB.
    Hope this info will help & wasn't in totally technical terms.

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    08-31-10 12:00 AM