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    For your info:

    ShortcutBerry, an interesting and useful application with the
    following features are available for free download :

    - 27 out of the box, intuitive, and easy to remember shortcuts for
    major Blackberry applications.
    - 15 user customizable/programmable shortcuts.
    - Shortcuts accessible from anywhere
    - No more worries about loosing your shortcuts when upgrading
    BlackBerry or it's software.
    - Create shortcuts for opening your favorite web pages.
    - Assign 3 applications to each convenience key
    (double/triple/quadruple clicks).
    - Double click the convenience key (from anywhere) to lock your Blackberry.
    - Avoid the annoying "Say a Command" voice because of accidental
    convenience key clicks.
    - Access to any application while internet browsing without exiting the browser.
    - Access to all shortcuts (any application) without closing the current one.
    - Turn your Blackberry quickly to a Flash Light from any applications.
    - Running on all 90xx, 89xx, 8800, 83xx, 82xx and 81xx series of
    Blackberry devices.

    Free trial download available by pointing your Blackberry browser to:

    More Info about the application:

    Info about the fonware:
    03-09-09 12:31 AM
  2. iPhone0001's Avatar
    Thanks for the update! I may check it out,
    03-09-09 08:38 AM
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    @ Patrickwc

    If you decide to test it, please remember to assign the convenience keys to the shortcutberry.

    Then, after pressing a conv. key, as a first time user, press the space bar to see the shortcut list.
    After a while you can just click the conv. key and then start to type a shortcut.

    Also remember that your conv. keys can now start 3 apps instead of the original one application.

    For more info see:
    03-09-09 12:05 PM
  4. tracksforhire's Avatar
    doesnt work on my 8900 after install when i open up app it goes to a white screen then nothing happens just goes back to my homescreen
    03-09-09 12:31 PM
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    doesnt work on my 8900 after install when i open up app it goes to a white screen then nothing happens just goes back to my homescreen
    To start an application from ShortcutBerry, you have the following options:

    1-Press the convenience key once and then do one of the followings:

    - Start typing a shortcut
    - Click trackball or Space key. Then either browse the list or type the shortcut. (this is good for the first time users, over the time you will find the option above even faster).
    - Click 'Z' (or 'ZX' on reduced keypad devices) to get directly to your own shortcuts (you can program them in the config. page)

    2- Press the convenience key twice to start the application that is assigned (customizable) to the Double Conv.Key Clicks. This is the case for both right and left conv. key.

    3- Similar to 2, but now click the cov. key 3 times.

    4- Similar to 2, but now click the conv. key 4 times

    Hope this helps.
    03-09-09 08:16 PM
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    Dear Readers,

    Thanks to the feedback we got from you.
    We have added your good suggestions to our first released version of ShortcutBerry (1.21).

    YouTube link:

    Available for download from:

    ShortcutBerry - Personal Productivity Blackberry Software


    Crackberry link:
    03-15-09 06:47 PM