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    For your info:

    The first released version of ShortcutBerry (1.21) is available now (including 45 days full featured trial version). It is compatible with all Blackberries with Trackball, including all 88xx series.

    YouTube link:

    Download page:
    ShortcutBerry - Personal Productivity Blackberry Software
    or: http://software.crackberry.com/produ...=ShortcutBerry

    Assign 3 applications to each convenience key (double/triple/quadruple clicks).
    32 out of the box, intuitive, and easy to remember shortcuts for major Blackberry applications.
    20 user customizable/programmable shortcuts.
    Shortcuts accessible from anywhere
    No more worries about losing your shortcuts when upgrading/changing BlackBerry or its software.
    Create shortcuts for opening your favorite web pages.
    Create shortcuts for directly call/email/PIN/SMS a friend.
    Double click the convenience key (from anywhere) to lock your Blackberry.
    Avoid the annoying "Say a Command" voice because of the accidental convenience key clicks.
    Access to any application while internet browsing without exiting the browser.
    Access to all shortcuts from any application without closing the current application.
    Turn your Blackberry quickly to a Flash Light from any application.
    Out of the box shortcuts are provided for the following applications (in addition to all 3rd party applications): (Address Book, Alarm, BlackBerry Messenger, Brick Breaker, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Face book, Flash Light, Garmin Mobile, Global Search, Google Mobile App, Help, Home Screen, LBS, Lock, Manage Connections, Memo Pad, Memory Cleaner, Messages, My Space, Options, Phone, Profiles, Tasks, TeleNav, Twitter Berry, Video Recorder, Voice Dialing, Voice Notes Recorder)

    We appreciate your feedback and promise to consider adding your requests to the newer version of ShortcutBerry.
    03-16-09 06:07 PM