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    I've read all the threads with my question I believe, and I feel quite sheepish asking this, but when I go to Options, then Security Options, then General Settings, and press Menu, there is no Change Password on the full menu.

    Since I do not remember being prompted to set a device password over a year ago, I worry that if I enable password protection, give it the 10 attempts (with what I do not know), and the BB is wiped out that I will need to go through the whole replacing all data and apps with my back-up. Of course, I also worry that this little exercise might also screw up my 8830WE (I seem to get the ones that have "issues"), but then work might I might let me upgrade to the Storm 2 (this is my 4th 8830WE in 3 or 4 years). (I'm not using BES, just stand alone BlackBerry DM).

    What am I missing in how to set a device password? Do I need to just enable the password protection, give it my best shot and re-install my backup?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    When you enable password protection, it will prompt you to set a password. It doesn't ask for the pword until you save the change. It will ask for a pword and then to verify it. Don't forget it!

    If it is off, there shouldn't be an old pword stored.
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    Thank you! Everything is right in the world. Just needed someone to let me know that I would set my device password once enabled and "save" pressed.
    04-06-10 07:04 PM