1. rgoeri's Avatar
    I've seen several posts in the past regarding 8830WE (Verizon) coverage in China but nothing recently. I'll be going there in a few weeks and with the Vodaphone SIM card it seems there should be no problem with voice. My question has to do with data. Some of the past posts discussed Chinese language characters not appearing properly, etc., but since I can't read Chinese anyway my concern is whether I'll have a problem with email and other data sent from the U.S. via our BES. Does anyone have any recent experience with the 8830WE (Verizon) in China? Thanks!
    03-16-08 08:54 AM
  2. raykoala's Avatar
    I do not think the language problem. China network also support English language SMS and Email. And 8830 can support Chinese language appering if you setup the language pack. Tell me your email I can send the package to you.

    03-16-08 07:29 PM