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    I have a used 8830 acquired from another employee and it is activated and working fine. However, when I use desktop manager, it still shows the old phone number, not the new one. Of course I did not think to wipe it before setting it up as this is my first Balckberry. I cannot find a thread that shows how to get rid of the old number from where ever desktop manager is getting it. I tried the ##000000 method that I saw for a different model to access one of the database screens in the phone but only my new number shows up there. Does anyone know where the old phone number is stored in the 8830 and how to access it? Is there any way to fix this without wiping the phone? If not, does wiping it get rid of everything including custom profiles, email connection, ringtones, etc.? I do a quick backup with the desktop manager. Are all of these backed up or am I basically starting from scratch again except for my contacts if I wipe it? The phone is running

    Unrelated question: do any of the other models have voice activated music capability for use in a car when on a bluetooth speaker/car kit? My old non-Blackberry phone would let me tell it to play a particular song, but the Blackberry phones I have looked at so far do not seem to have this feature.
    08-18-11 09:48 AM
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    i have the same position here! any pro user ! help plz
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    10-17-11 09:13 PM