1. costanza's Avatar
    Videos (outside of youtube) I download onto my memory card from the phone's browser only sometimes play using the phones included media player. I usually get some type of error message. I tried xplayer, but when I navigate to the video folder in xplayer, I don't even see the video file!!! That same file is visible when going through the standard bb media player. Does a reliable video player exist for my phone?

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    04-20-09 09:44 AM
  2. shopmac's Avatar
    As I said in my earler post this am I can play video moved from my desk top to my BB card with not problem at all. The videos that I can now download because v. download last week when notified from BB updates. The new version will allow me to download to my video folder but will only pay for 12 seconds before I received the error message I believe you had mentioned. Could be be experiencing the same problem?
    04-20-09 11:22 AM