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    First off what up to gals out there--anyways, my dog chew my new phone sooo now I'm forced back to my 8830 world edition (BB duh). Which is not bad, I've updated new V. Everything runs smoothly , I can watch youtube videos and listen to pandora forexample) . Now I do have a 2 PART QUESTION, is that the best soft where for my old 8830 world edition??? And, I need repairing for my housing, I have a deep SCRATCH on the lens my phone has been thru a lot. Please,porfavor, answers are greatly supported by all , anserw my 2 questions. Peace

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    08-06-10 10:29 AM
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    Hi there,
    For your forst question, go to the forums under BB 8830 and you will some sticky threads in terms of deciding the best OS available for your BB 8830, as per your second question,yes you can absoluetely change the housing on your bb 883,you can check out crackberry shop for accessories or buy it off any other mobile accessories wesite,they shouldn't be so expensive, not sure if that will cover your screen since its been damage badly, after buying the housing check out some video tutorials for how to assemble your new hosuing to your 8830 you may need a Torc #5 screw etc...
    Hope this will help.

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    08-27-10 09:20 PM