1. Mely2204's Avatar
    My phone is bugging out.. It never recieves text messages on time, there some sort of delay, and when I go to reply it gives me the red x and I have to resend about 9 times before it finally goes through.

    On a occastion I have to take out the battery and that fixes it for a short period of time and then i recieve like 10 text messages that were prevoisly sent that i never recieved. Or i have to fully provision my phone.. and thats also a quick fix.. but never fully resolves the issue, can anyone help ??

    How do you completely wipe my phone. as if it just came out of the box...?
    10-24-07 08:56 AM
  2. bwhyte's Avatar
    How is your signal strength when you send? I only know that mine shows the red X if i am trying to send and my signal is really bad. It doesn't happen very often though. I think it's happened 2 times and i have the phone for a month.
    Sorry I can't help you.
    10-24-07 09:12 AM
  3. Tylerd's Avatar
    Ya, there is always some kind of delay on my phone but it always send within 20-30 seconds. You tried a battery pull right?

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    10-27-07 03:59 PM