1. ankitbhargava's Avatar

    I am from India and using Reliance Blackberry 8830 WE
    Its been 4 months now that I am using this phone.

    I got the Firmware upgraded to latest available a month back. Last couple of days I have started facing the issue of Phone getting rebooted on its own anytime randomly. However several times before the Phone Reboots I can hear "Trackball Click sound" as if its trying to scroll on its own. so... sudden trackball sound and then reboot!

    Could someone help to troubleshoot this?
    06-18-09 11:34 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Have you installed any new applications? A new theme? If you've installed anything new, try deleting it and rebooting and see of that solves the problem. Have you gotten your phone wet? Even a tiny amount of moisture can cause problems. Water damage is cumulative and may just now be showing up.
    06-19-09 06:12 AM