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    For some unknown reason, the profiles that produce sound and vibrate stop working. Sometimes when perusing ring tones sometimes when switching profiles (Loud - Normal- Vibrate- Silent), sometimes for an unknown reason the phone will do this. The 8830 will show the profile set to Loud but does not ring OR vibrate on incoming calls or play any other notification sounds (BB msger, SMS, etc). My work around is to reset my Convenience Key (CK) to Voice Command (normally I have it set to Lock). First press of the CK and the speaker will not operate. I press that curvy "Go Back" key beside the track ball and the second press of CK will play, "Say a command". From that point on the Profiles will operate correctly when I select Loud, Vibrate etc.) Something in the firmware or software must be getting reset by this but it is beyond me. Thought I'd share to see if anyone else was running in to this.
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    What OS version are you running? Is this a new problem, or has it always been this way?
    05-15-10 09:00 AM