1. DexterMorgan2010's Avatar
    A problem developed with my phone a few days ago. The b n and m keys seem to produce random letters most notably "rf" "tg" "ed" and the mute button does "ws" and the trackball wont select. This does this only half the day, most notably at night. Ive cleaned the trackball and no go. It hasnt been dropped in water anytime lately, there is no way its water damage.

    What do you guys suggest as a fix other than tossing it over the nearest bridge?
    08-03-10 11:31 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    ...It hasnt been dropped in water anytime lately, there is no way its water damage. ...
    What you describe does sound like water damage. You use the word "lately." If it has ever gotten wet, you could be seeing the effects of long-term damage that is just becoming noticeable and may continue to worsen. If you've had it a long time, it's probably time to consider replacing it.
    08-04-10 05:19 PM
  3. raameen's Avatar
    Well I exactly know what u mean, my 8830 did the same thing I mean it wasn't damage by water or anything ,but all of a sudden some weird words instead of what I was typing were coming out, some time it will also switch from one menu to another.does yours do the same?
    Well I took mine to my telephone provider, and there was no way in **** I would keep that,now I have the 8330 loll. Anyways wish ya all the best and before tossing it over t the nearest bridge I believe take to ur service provider,they may hook u up with a neww bb that's at least my personal opinion. Good luck.

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    08-04-10 06:05 PM
  4. MeekloBraca's Avatar
    I dont see how 4 keys and the track ball affected can be water damage. Especially since it hasnt been subjected to water damage. I believe the reason its doing this is because Blackberrys are pieces of garbage made by slave labour in Mexico. And obviously the people that engineer these pieces of garbage have the education of a 6 year old handicapped kid. I think that the excuse "water damage" is just hiding how poorly designed these things really are.
    08-20-10 01:09 PM
  5. raameen's Avatar
    Let's not go too far with this thread,everyone knows that BB are not as bad we think they are, they all have world known reputatuion.as every other phone in the world,BB must be going through some strict inspections and regulations, anyways, I think that's what thw machines are it can break or stop working on you at anytime, and yes without any reason.

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    08-29-10 06:12 PM