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    I've spend about 5 days searching forum after forum to find answers as I've been receiving excuse after excuse from my carrier and I'm now locked into a 24 month contract that I can't use.
    I bought a Blackberry 8830 privately, signed up with Vodafone NZ for internet/email on the Blackberry, since activation of my contract I had error message "This BlackBerry device is not registered with your wireless service provider". Phoned Vodafone Tech Support since Tuesday 26th to find out what's wrong, this is the response Friday 29th : "We are at a point now that unless the supplier of that phone can identify where exactly the phone came from, there is no way to trace which carrier it is still attached to" This is the response from the person I bought it from : " The phone was on the Telecom CDMA network previously till it was unlocked" and this is Telecom's response to the Vodafone Tech "Telecom can’t find anything in regards to the PIN or the IMEI or the ESN on either of their networks, the guy I was speaking to even looked at historical records and there is no record of that particular phone ever being on any of their networks, even just for normal calling." HELP please, I've hit a brick wall, one week later and the Blackberry is still useless to me, I'm using it as a normal cellphone which is not the purpose I bought it for.............. !!!!!!!!!
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