1. bill 8330 user's Avatar
    i just recieved my 8830 sprint blackberry from a reburshed phone dealer on ebay. i contacted the seller and they gave me a list of things to try:

    With the battery plugged in, connect it to a PC with the included USB cable. Leave it connected for a few minutes and wait to see if you see any lighting up or the charging icon appear.

    If nothing, disconnect the phone from the PC, and remove the battery. Reconnect the phone to the PC. You should see an icon on the screen with a battery with a red line thru it.

    If still nothing, connect the phone to the wall charger with no battery and see if the screen lights up with the "no battery" icon.

    If it charges from the PC, its a bad charger. If it shows the no battery icon when it is plugged it, its more than likely the battery. If it never powers on using either the usb or the charger with or without the battery its most likely dead.

    i tried all of those and still nothing. does anyone have any suggestions?
    12-15-09 03:37 PM