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    This is a problem that has only arisen over the past few days:

    My blackberry world edition is deleting my call logs, texts and e-mails. I know this is usually a problem related to memory--I have cleared all of my internet cache, deleted all recurring appointments in my Calendar, all pictures on my phone. I don't have any apps (except for Appworld).

    Can somebody please help me? This problem literally just started happening over the past couple of days, totally unprompted. Does anybody have any advice to fix it?

    Thanks very much,
    10-27-09 05:11 PM
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    What is your Options / File Free amount?

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    10-27-09 05:36 PM
  3. stevenelow's Avatar
    1297154 Bytes out of a total of 47841280 Bytes.
    10-27-09 05:39 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    That's your answer. That's a critically low free memory level. Anything less than 10 000 000 bytes is low.

    What you are describing is typical of the problems caused by low available memory. Any time "File Free" drops below about 10 000 000 bytes, the phone may start deleting call logs and text messages without warning to free up memory. Text messages may be deleted as soon as they arrive, before you have had time to read them.

    A battery pull recovers memory and will alleviate the problem temporarily. The solution is to remove the stuff you don't need (the sample video, wallpaper, themes, other languages, brickbreaker, etc.) from the device's memory. The following procedure, originally written by Forums Moderator Reed McLay will guide you:

    How to Increase BlackBerry's File Free Memory

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    10-27-09 05:43 PM
  5. stevenelow's Avatar
    Thanks very much just deleted an app and freed up a bunch of space.
    10-27-09 05:53 PM