1. morthawt's Avatar
    Hey guys. I just bought a refurb 8800 (my first BB) and I bought the 5 per month addon for blackberry internet service. The problem is Opera Mini 6.5 seems to be using the non-existent normal data connection and is costing me money. They told me I had unlimited browsing, yet this thing is going to waste all the money I have left on my account at this rate. What do I need to do to force Opera Mini 6.5 to use the Blackberry Internet Service aka BIS instead of the normal data connection?

    11-10-11 08:51 PM
  2. Mvor7's Avatar
    Try changing settings from HTTP to socket. I also found Opera Mini 4.0 works best on the 88XX, speed wise. The whole UI is 'lighter' and browsing is much faster. Infact, it beats out the BB7 browser over WIFI on some sites...
    11-13-11 09:34 PM