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    I might be moving away from my Storm. I need something reliable, and as much as I keep telling myself that I'm trying to get used to it, it just isn't doing the trick for me. I rely on my phone for work and for school and I send many texts, BBM, and emails a day.

    My girlfriend has an extra curve 8330 lying around, but I was interested in the 8830. I wasn't sure which phone would be a better choice. I don't care much about the camera, but I do need a powerful messaging device and a keyboard that is not going to kill my wrists after a while. I had a curve a while back and before that an 8703e. Didn't mind either one. But for some reason the 8830 really interests me.

    What is most important to me is battery life, power, messaging, and no lagging (well at least less than the storm ). I don't use too many apps, just a few "necessities" like google maps, quicklaunch, tetherberry, facebook. And I can't stand the memory leak that the Storm has. It is important for me to not lose calendar information, texts, or emails.

    Don't really want to wait for the Niagra because I'm not sure when it will be out and if I can last that long, and I'm also on a bit of a budget and I would have to pay full retail price for a new phone, I don't know how much the Niagra will cost when it comes out but I'm sure it is not going to be under 500.

    Thanks for any advice.
    04-01-09 12:47 AM
  2. method2madness's Avatar
    I have had both and will say the biggest difference between the two(provided you don't need the quad band feature) is form-factor and keyboard. The curve has a smaller (and to me, better fitting form factor), while the KB on the WE feels much more solid. In the end, its just which one feels better to you. Everything else is pretty much a wash.
    04-01-09 12:53 PM
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    We're in the same boat.. I had the Storm, I kept telling my self it's just a learning curve, and always thinking "oh, well, software updates will fix that in the future?" but finally I just couldnt take the hourly reboots, daily battery pulls, and the emails that once took 2 minutes to write, that now took 25 minutes to write.

    So I took the Storm back and got a 8830 World Edition. I wanted something solid, and I didn't want another Curve, but I also wanted the GSM slot. This phone hasn't let me down yet!

    I LOVE having the keyboard back! LOVE IT!

    It also looks a lot more business-esk to me, but thats just my opinion.
    04-01-09 01:33 PM
  4. MegaloMegaloDon's Avatar
    8830 is a workhorse. Perfect for what you need.

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    04-01-09 04:25 PM